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Our patients' success stories inspire them to recommend us to others and, more importantly, inspire us to continue providing the best care possible. Just a few of those stories can be found below.

I hoped a miracle would take place-and as in the Bible, I would be instructed to "take up my bed and walk", well after years of painful crippled feet and the search for relief through a list of specialists, I was referred to Velocity Physio and Erica. The thoughtful, persistent, skilled diagnosis and treatment have put me back on my feet and prompts me to recommend Velocity Physio and their program unreservedly.

Ada G.

I was referred to Erica Meloe because of chronic problems with my left foot.  After a thorough exam, Erica figured out the source of the problem (scar tissue from a surgery 4 years ago), proceeded to remedy it, with great results.  Althought I had previously seen other physical therapists, a podiatrist and an orthopedic foot specialist, no one had been able to analyze or remedy the problem. Erica has great technical skill and she is a kind and considerate practitioner.

Helen S.

I have been a patient of both Annie Gow and Erica Meloe intermittently for over ten years. They are both hardworking, innovative and compassionate physical therapists.
I have a very strenuous job, and they have never let me down when I needed them.
Of all the physical therapists I have worked with, they are, by far, the two best ones. They can help you solve any problem given their intelligence and dedication.
They are both at the top of any list.

V. Levine

I’ve suffered from chronic ankle sprains in my right foot for 26 years. Reconstructive surgery didn’t help, and now orthopedic surgeons aren’t eager to go back in. After my daughter was born three years ago, severe sprains hit me two to three times a year. The most recent one had me on crutches for weeks and in an ankle splint for more than three months. But after four months of therapy from Erica Meloe, my bad ankle is now stronger than my good one. First, Erica successfully fought my insurer to get more visits than my policy ordinarily covers. Then, she not only strengthened the ankle, but also realigned my hip and pelvis to address the underlying causes of the sprains. New injuries popped up during the convalescence – heel pain and IT band syndrome in the knee – because of the stiffness in my injured ankle. Erica treated those, too. I don’t know if I’ll be sprain free for the rest of my life, but I’m far more optimistic now!  I’ve been to more than my fair share of physical therapists, and I was impressed with how Erica keeps abreast of clinical research, marries together a variety of approaches to treat an ailment, and looks beyond the local injury to other parts of the body. 

J. Giskan


I find the facility and the people to be top notch. Very understanding. Annie makes me feel like she clearly has an idea and plan to help. I give the place a "Ten."

G. O’Sullivan


I unequivocally recommend Velocity Physio for the outstanding level of care by both professional Physical Therapists, Annie Gow and Erica Meloe, and the kind and welcoming atmosphere created by the office staff.  I have worked with both Annie and Erica and know that my problems received the best possible treatment. Both therapists view a problem from the perspective of the entire human body and create treatment plans accordingly.  They work closely with the doctors who are involved, and are thought of very highly by all the physicians with whom I have dealt.  Not only are they both extraordinary therapists, but they are nice people, and being with either ends up a genuinely pleasant experience.

Lois S.

It is hard to express feelings of appreciation about the wonderful experience I had being treated in Velocity Physio. The physical therapy that I have received from Erica and then with Anne has been a unique gift to my health. After a very serious fall resulting in a lot of inability to move, they “put me together” and, in just a few weeks, gave me the gift of feeling healthy again.

Teresa G.


After a so-called successful surgical procedure to replace my right hip joint in March 2010, I developed a limp and lurching gait. Despite months of physical therapy at two different facilities, the condition remained, with only slight improvement noted. A referral from a new physiatrist brought me to Erica Meloe. She immediately honed in on the source of my tortured gait. After just two sessions, I could envision a recovery as a result of her special insights and exacting treatment. Gratitude abounds.

Janice Y.


I tried going to a major rehabilitation center, but was not making any progress. Once I started at Velocity Physio, I began to feel much better and had better range of motion. The “hands on” approach works well.  

Alice T. 


Two years ago, I was struck by a cab while crossing the street. The ensuing months consisted of multiple days in physical therapy, as well as alternative therapies, with barely any improvements. My back muscles were constantly in spasm.  I struggled to sit for any period of time and was unable to perform every day activities, which severely affected my daily life. After several visits with new doctors, Erica Meloe from Velocity Physio was highly recommended to me. I cannot thank Velocity Physio enough for all their help. Erica's dedication and determination in finding solutions to alleviate the pain and in teaching me how to use my muscles correctly again and prevent future setbacks have been remarkable. She even visited my office to recommend ergonomic changes, which proved to show immediate positive results. Additionally, her warm and caring approach have really helped in motivating me to apply all of her suggestions. Her expertise is outstanding, and I highly recommend Velocity Physio! 

Stephanie V.


I have just completed physical therapy with Erica Meloe. I found, through her, the best therapy for my problems. I also found her to be someone I felt comfortable with, from the very first visit through the weeks to follow. She made all the difference and helped me regain my strength and confidence.

Leslie M.


After suffering through six months of intense pain behind my left shoulder blade, it was determined that there was a cyst on one of my vertebrate. The doctor who found the cyst said there was nothing to be done. Of course, I went for a second opinion. The second doctor said surgery was an option, but first recommended that I try physical therapy and referred me to Erica Meloe. After six weeks of therapy, I was completely pain free and have remained pain free for over two years.

Marilyn G.


I had known Annie for a few years, long and well enough to share my wow of back pain on occasion. Knowing that I was receiving PT elsewhere off and on, Annie had always kept her thoughts to herself. One day, she took me aside for a quick evaluation. After a few twists here and a couple of bends there, Annie announced, “You don’t have a back problem, you have a frozen hip!” On the spot, she applied some initial PT and, with a follow up the next day, I was a new man. She has since helped me understand the architecture of my body, how to care for it, and how to recognize impending signs of problems. That must have been 15 years ago, and I have since remained active and free of long-term pain.

Peter H. 



I was referred to Velocity Physio by my neurosurgeon after my spinal fusion surgery, and I truly believe Erica has gotten me to where I am today! She has helped improve my range of motion and my spirit so that I can fully recover. Not only do I find the physical therapists extremely helpful and experienced, but the office staff are efficient, caring, and knowledgeable, as well. When I was experiencing great difficulty with my insurance company, there was no question Erica was on my side and willing to fight for my cause. I could not ask for anything more! 

Leana P.


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