Annie Gow, Director

Erica Meloe, Director

Our Team

Velocity Physios was established in January 2010 by Annie Gow and Erica Meloe to give our patients a unique environment in which to heal, grow and learn. Since that time, we’ve helped countless individuals understand why their bodies are hurting and how to restore optimal movement and overall neuromuscular health.

In addition, our highly organized, fully engaged and exceptionally personable support staff – including Office Manager Margaret Johannesen and Administrative Assistant Monique Cowan – are committed to providing excellent and welcoming service from the moment you walk in the door.  

Whether you need help navigating the insurance process, or are simply looking to change an appointment, you can rely on polite and thoughtful service from whomever you encounter. 

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It is hard to express feelings of appreciation about the wonderful experience I had being treated in Velocity Physio. The physical therapy that I have received from Erica and then with Anne has been a unique gift to my health. After a very serious fall resulting in a lot of inability to move, they “put me together” and, in just a few weeks, gave me the gift of feeling healthy again.

Teresa G. 


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