I unequivocally recommend Velocity Physio for the outstanding level of care by both professional Physical Therapists, Annie Gow and Erica Meloe, and the kind
and welcoming atmosphere created by the office staff. I have worked with both Annie and
Erica and know that my problems received the best possible treatment. Both therapists view a problem from the perspective of the entire human body and create treatment plans accordingly.
They work closely with the doctors who are involved, and are thought of very highly by all the physicians with whom I have dealt. Not only are they both extraordinary therapists, but they are nice people, and being with
either ends up a genuinely pleasant experience.

Lois S. 

Our Mission

At Velocity Physio, we integrate manual therapy and other physiotherapy techniques along with pain education in order to improve movement and motor control.
Our proven approach to quick and long lasting recovery is based on kinetic restructuring. Since no part of the neuromuscular system operates independently, the injured area must be treated in the context of the supporting areas around it.  

By using a clinical reasoning process that considers the interplay of movement and stability throughout your entire body, we identify and correct the root of the problem as opposed to just treating the symptom. Most importantly, we partner with you to architect your recovery and rehabilitate you back to your full potential while, at the same time, helping you achieve a healthier
and more active lifestyle.


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